April 2010 Photo of T. Greg Doucette

Scholar. Vagrant. Mentor.

Each of these words (and a host of others) could serve as an accurate descriptor for parts of my life. The high-achieving student who graduated from high school decorated with honors. The homeless college dropout living out of a pickup truck two years later. And the now-seasoned advocate repeatedly chosen by others to lead them in a variety of challenges.

Welcome to tgregdoucette.com, the internet home for a few details about the circuitous path I took in getting where I am today. I was only able to navigate that path's many twists and turns through perseverance, faith, a non-trivial amount of luck, and the friendship of the many people I met along the way.

On this website you can view some of my professional background as well as contact information in case you need to reach me. You can also visit my personal blog law:/dev/null where I share my musings about law school and other facets of life, as well as the website for my law firm The Law Offices of T. Greg Doucette, PLLC.

Thank you for visiting!